/Antifouling Sydney- Choosing the right antifouling paint for your boat

Antifouling Sydney- Choosing the right antifouling paint for your boat

If you have a boat docked in the water throughout the year, its necessary to apply antifouling paint at the base to help keep marine growth at bay. It helps your boat stay in good condition and is crucial if you are looking for a better performance from your boat. A hull which is clean is more efficient than one which is full of dirt and debris. It can seriously hinder the speed of the boat. So just make sure that painting the hull of your boat should be top priority.

Why go for antifouling paint?

  • It prevents marine organisms like barnacles, mussels, weeds and slime from getting attached to the base of the boat.
  • Antifouling paint comprises of metal which acts as a toxic biocide which prevents marine growth.
  • Preventing marine growth can make your boat stay in top condition.

Things to keep in mind when buying antifouling paint

Choosing the right antifouling paint depends on a variety of factors. These include the following:

  • Never buy an antifouling paint comprising of copper oxide if the hull of your bot is made up of aluminum. This could result in galvanic corrosion which is harmful for the boat and could result in the destruction of the boat.
  • For those who want their boats to stand out should make use of paints which consist of white copper as a biocide. Since its bright white in color, it is added to bright colored paints to increase shine. Formulations made from white copper use 50% less copper then other antifouling agents.
  • You also need to make sure that the area your boat is docked in allows copper to be used as a biocide. If you are not allowed to use it, then your best option is to choose a biocide which consists of zinc.
  • There are also some paints which may not consist of any biocide yet still do the job of preventing marine growth. It is a slick coat of paint which sheds off the marine growth with ease.

  • If you are in an area where slime is a major problem then you must get a paint which contains zinc as a biocide. Zinc is pretty effective in preventing slime from getting attached to the boat.
  • In case you plan to use a vinyl based paint, make sure to remove the previous coat of paint until its vinyl paint.
  • It also depends whether you boat in fresh water or salt water. There are different kinds of paints recommended for each. This is because the biocides in the paint might react with the sale water and prove to be ineffective. Make sure you choose the proper paint for your boat.
  • It also depends upon how often you use your boat. Frequent users should buy paint which is ablative and get smoother over a period of time. This help sheds off the marine growth. For those who use the boat occasionally an epoxy paint would do.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help find the right antifouling services in Sydney.