/Auto Electrician in The Gold Coast Region

Auto Electrician in The Gold Coast Region

At the Gold Coast Car Electrics and Mechanical, they make sure that they carry out each job with care and pride. This ensures that every customer that walks through their door leaves happy with every service that they offer. Their auto electrical services are no different. Auto Electrical diagnosis is a large part of what they do. Their expert technicians will make sure the issue is diagnosed correctly in the first place saving you time and money not guessing and replacing unnecessary components.

It is not just diagnosis that they are great at, they expertly fit many accessories such as dual batteries systems, spotlights, and trailer brake controllers.  At GCEM they can help with the most complex of electrical issues to the simplest. No job is too big or small, so give their qualified mechanics and electricians a call today.

Auto electricians in Gold coast offer many services including:

Alternate output test

Alternators are a vital component of your vehicle, without it, you won’t get very far. If you are having trouble starting your vehicle or the battery light is on, make sure you ask them to perform one of their free alternator output tests. As a car owner, it is essential to keep on top of the health of your alternate that is why you might need an alternate repair. The alternator is responsible for supplying electrical power to your vehicle.

Starter motor

The starter motor is powered by the car’s battery and is an electronic motor that helps to start the vehicle’s engine. However, if your car is not starting, this does not mean there is a problem with the starter motor – it could be another issue. Make sure you get the problem diagnosed by an expert before you replace those parts. Petrol and diesel engines must be rotated before they can run under their own power. For this to occur, the starting system needs to change electrical energy, stored in the battery, into mechanical energy, to turn the engine.

Load test car batteries

The Auto Electricians in Gold Coast can load car batteries for free, even if it is just for your peace of mind or if you suspect a larger problem. Did you know that a large number of vehicle breakdowns are as a result of faults concerning car batteries? With their range of car battery services, we’ll rectify your own car problems promptly and at a competitive price.

Computer scanning diagnosis

Sometimes the only way to find out what is wrong with your vehicle is to scan the onboard computers. They have the latest computer scanning and diagnostic software that communicates with your vehicle’s onboard computer system to see what the problem is. This is not as simple as it may sound; modern vehicles can have over 30 onboard computers and countless sensors, actuators, and switches. Their technicians review and analyse the data.

The auto electricians believe in top quality service and also provide car air conditioning to Gold Coast clients. This includes being through the web in what they do and taking the time to diagnose the problem with your car correctly the first time around. The auto electricians on the Gold Coast have years of experience in the industry and are fully committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, professionalism, and workmanship. Bring your car in today, and leave with peace of mind, and a healthy vehicle.