/Interesting bus modification ideas

Interesting bus modification ideas

Exploring the world is relatively easy when you have a beautifully built mobile home. It is almost like having a tiny home on wheels. This is why there has been a trend in converting school buses and turning them into motorhomes. Some people prefer building their own mobile homes while others might need to take help from a professional by providing them with an idea of what they have in mind.

A motorhome is built just like any other home with the complete floor plan as well as all the fittings and fixtures which are required to make a home appear cozier and more comfortable.

The following are few interesting bus modification ideas to take inspiration from:

Bus modifications which might inspire you

  • If possible you can get your hands on the school bus from any local school in your area and remodel the interiors in a way that you are able to accommodate a bedroom, living room, a bathroom and a small kitchenette. It would be a good idea to leave some space for the windows so that you can also enjoy the view of the different landscapes that you visit.
  • The flooring of the bus could be changed completely and you could go for a wooden floor. However it can easily make the cost go high because flooring can be quite expensive and especially if you plan on completely changing the flooring from scratch.
  • If you are big on being environment friendly, you may want to consider turning your bus into a sustainable little motorhome. This can be achieved by installing solar panels, a composting toilet and water storage inside the bus. Although these modifications come with a cost it can be a great way to save money in the long run because you wouldn’t have to worry about the utility bills plus it can also help cut down your cost of living because you would be spending most of your time in the motorhome travelling the terrain.
  • The bus can also be converted into modular units which are grouped together to create the primary zones like the bathroom, the kitchen, the seating area and the bedroom. There is also enough space for a small storage compartment and a beautiful looking floor which can give the motorhome a really homey feeling.
  • If you are planning to use the motorhome on an occasional basis you might not even need to invest in a separate living room. In fact you can have the bus modified in a way which would allow you to accommodate some sleeping space and a roof deck where the family could sit and enjoy there lazy Sunday afternoons.
  • For those who are looking for a bus modification on a budget there are options of using the re-purposed wood for cabinets and other such furniture. Making use of reclaimed material can actually help lower the cost and make it more budget friendly.

Make sure that you take inspiration from the above-mentioned bus modification ideas to create your own motor home. You can contact abtc.tech to execute these ideas.