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Safety Work Wear Brisbane

Workwear is protective clothing and accessories one should put on as a protective measure while at work. Although you cannot be sure to have total safety at work, at least the protective measure will protect you and reflect the severity of injuries for up to 50%. A range of clothing ideas that will cover you most of the time from falling objects while at the job are available, some are accessories meant to stop the impact of falling objects aiming at you while others are meant to shun away the impact of harsh weather conditions while at work. Examples of these protective gear include knee pads, aprons, belts HI VIs jackets, jumpers, safety boots and much more. In either case, all safety work wears aims to protect you all-round while at work and should include comfort and maximum safety at all times. IQS have safety workwear in Brisbane.


Safety jackets

Safety jackets are common in most workplaces; they are used by people working weird hours of the day or in places where visibility is reduced. They are made with different shouting colours and reflective effects specifically designed to improve visibility in areas with reduced visibility like construction sites, road works, and traffic management. All a safety jacket does for you is to protect you from the scorching weather elements as well as improve your visibility for machine operators on the site to have a clear view of you while moving around the workplace.


Helmets are meant to protect the most sensitive part of a human body – the brain from falling objects and other flying objects that might accidentally hit you on the head. Helmets are designed to absorb excessive shock instead of your head. They are the most important workwear on sites with falling objects like mining areas and several story construction sites.

Safety gloves

This is protective gear meant to protect the hands and fingers from harmful chemical and abrasive objects that could penetrate your bare hands.

Safety clothing standards

An extensive range of workwear is designed to provide comfort, safety, and hard-wearing and easy-care workwear that need little effort during laundry. High visibility workwear assists in protecting workers with on-site health-wise and safety risks. Companies have the option to personalise and customise their workwear by applying for embroidery works and screen printing on the safety clothes with their logos and on other occasions, their names for easy identification while at work.

High visibility safety standard

These are garments designed for high-risk application areas. The sole purpose of safety standards is to provide guidelines and minimum requirements needed for designing high visibility safety clothes for occupational workers. This standard is meant to ensure that people at the site are seen from a distance, especially by machine operators moving objects around the work site, especially in complex background visibility where it is possible to mistake a person for an object. This standard outlines the clothing suitable for night working hours and those suitable for day time work hours.

Sun protective clothing

The purpose of this standard is to define and classify the requirements for ultraviolet protection factors in the sun protective clothing and other items worn close to the skin.

Electrostatic control measures in workwear clothes

This standard aims at controlling the rates of electrostatics allowed in protective clothes. The purpose of this standard is to reduce explosions at the workplace due to electrostatic charges generated during workplace activities on protective clothes.