/The best newspaper in the world

The best newspaper in the world

According to the ranking of press freedom prepared by Reporters Without Borders for 2011-2012, Uganda ranks 139th out of 179, but we are sure there must be a mistake, because Uganda publishes the best newspaper in the world, the most brilliant ever conceived – the Red Pepper . If you believe that our press is obsessed with “terrorist threats” around the world, see how the “Ugandan Journal of the Year” reacts (what year, you ask? What questions, every year!) In the face of 18 deaths? for ebola.Yes,

with a bloody red font and a full-page infographic that tells readers not to wear overweight girls in public toilets. And even if only one-eighth of the newspaper has proved more readable and informative than any newspaper we are used to reading, those of Red Pepper are not on their laurels. On the inside pages we find in fact inquiries worthy of the most prestigious journalism prizes, able to follow delicate events like phalliform and lesbian adoring animals with a depth of investigation and care unknown to the rest of world journalism.

For a newspaper it is easy to follow the “blood-sex-money” line -especially if the blood in question is that of 18 people affected by hemorrhagic fever- but what really distinguishes Red Pepper is its ability to combine it all with a generous dose of “good news”, but without resorting to the banal non-stories of which summer news broadcasts abound.

There is even a page in the style of a gossip scandal for the celebrities, with the difference that the tone is much more scabrous and direct, and those that are spoken of are not really celebrities.

Many of the foreign students and NGO members living in Uganda do not appreciate Pep , accusing him of satisfying the lower interests of the readers and even of being an instrument devised by the power to distract the working class from the real problems of the country. Maybe you think so too. Maybe you think we’re making a white-haired irony with a stink under our noses when we call Red Pepper journalists  some of the men with the healthiest principles in the industry.

But no, because Red Pepper does not want to indulge anyone. You find yourself in front of the newspaper that ended up in court for claiming that Gaddafi was made the queen of the Tororo, and that after losing the case he continued to support his ideas despite the Colonel had spent the last year of his life to finance the government and the Tororo monarchy.

Have you ever wondered why the largest mosque in Kampala and one of the streets of the city bear its name? Red Pepperhe did it, and someone could label it as a mere little mouse to make money, but you know what I’m telling you, this uncompromising journalism deserves to sell. Their determination to simultaneously conquer the hatred of readers and power would leave even that hot head of GG Allin speechless. They are a symbol of integrity and authentic firmness in the midst of an ocean of corruption.